Private Security Guard Agency Philippines

OSI’s Security Guard Services ensures client assets are afforded a balance of both proactive and reactive protection measures through security guard training Philippines, as well as security agency audits Philippines. 

Private Security Agency Philippines and over all security industry continues to mature and make strides in the management of uniformed security guard services. OSI supports the advancement of client uniformed security personnel through the development of qualitative and quantifiable security procedures to address potential business and location risks.

Guard Force Selection

For your contracted guard force, you will benefit from competent screening and selection of qualified security agencies.

OSI will conduct an evaluation process using your company requirements and criteria, in addition to our industry knowledge and experience. Evaluations include, but are not limited to; guard force provider financial stability; program management; billing procedures, and supplier quality controls. The selection process also includes assuring provider compliance with both government regulations and client quality service standards. OSI will additionally seek information obtained from references, public resources or other parties for whom the supplier has previously provided products or services.

Typically, OSI suggests a selection criteria which would include a multitude of screening:

  • Statement of qualifications and experience.
  • Number of current & active contracts for services
  • Proof of General Liability and Insurance and required Licenses.
  • Proof the service provider adheres to the PADPAO (Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators) rules and regulations.
  • Proposed Security Team & Management Structure for client site project.
  • Reference contacts for current customers.
  • A current copy of providers employee manual.
  • A copy of employee grievance procedures.

Guard Force Auditing

Our Security Agency Audits Philippines entails on-site inspections to ensure both client requirements and standard operating procedures are professionally adhered to on an around-the-clock basis. This process also includes the security guard training Philippines of any private security agency Philippines management to ensure our contract security personnel are    effectively managed and equipped to do the job.

IPR investigations

The main objective of an OSI Guard Force Audit is to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of Client In-house or contract security personnel and guard force management. Audit methodology includes a review and physical inspections of all guard posts to confirm the adequacy of deployment and post specific security/safety procedures and related equipment.

Surveys and interviews with key security personnel involved in the protection efforts at all levels guards are performed. Primary areas of auditing include, but are not limited to, Posts & Procedures, Education & Training, Equipment & Uniform, as well as Personnel & Management.

Guard Force Management

In lieu of employing an on-site Security Project Manager, OSI can act in the capacity as your external security department to develop, implement and manage the security program on your behalf. A combination of on-site inspections and satellite management will provide a balanced and efficient system to develop security policy and procedures, liaison with law enforcement agencies, supervise local guard forces, and coordinate with your on-site management on day-to-day security issues.

Involved in the management of the day-to-day operations, OSI will demand those standards of alertness, positive attitudes, courtesy, integrity, and exemplary conduct, which will reflect credit upon individual security guards, and in turn how the public perceives Client operations.

OSI’s Guard Force Service programs translate into real value for the clients, allowing management to concentrate on their core business objective.

Intellectual Property Rights

OSI has investigated several thousand IPR infringers and successfully raided over 2,500 illicit manufacturers and major importer/distributors, Philippine-wide, since 1992. And their success rate hovers at just under 98% over the last 22 years, a significant accomplishment in an industry known for significant corruption.


Commercial Investigations

While OSI's three senior managers have many years of investigative experience throughout Europe, the Americas and other areas within S.E. Asia, they have over 70+ years of such experience and investigative contacts throughout the Philippines. And, they have established a proven and successful track record as reflected by their client list outlined on the client page of this website.


Security Risk Management

OSI's Security Risk Management division supports the protection initiatives of major international and local corporations doing business throughout the Philippines. In-country operational regions include the major high risk areas in Mindanao, where current activities include performing in-depth security and political risk assessments, security program audits, VIP protection operations, and counter insurgency collections.


About Us

OSI Philippines was formed in 2001 by Jeff Williams, who is Board Certified in Security Management by the American Society for Industrial Security International.

Mr. Williams has over 40 years of combined worldwide investigative and security consulting experience, with over 25 years working Philippine-wide as a Special Agent and Counterintelligence Officer with the USAF Office of Special Investigations (OSI), U.S. Embassy, Manila; and then as the Country Manager for Pinkerton Consulting Services, Philippines.