Philippines Security Guard Training

Training and education programs will be introduced to enhance operations and security capabilities in addition to raising the professional competence of employees at all levels.

In part, OSI’s objective is to instill a sense of pride that encourages peak performance in scope of work, time, and cost efficiency. These programs translate into real value for the clients, and allow them to concentrate on their core business objective. Whether a complete training program is desired or only refinement in an area, you can be assured of a training program tailored to your requirements.  Our programs include, but are not limited to, Philippines security guard training, as well as Philippines executive protection VIP training.

Executive/Employee Threat Awareness

OSI’s Threat Awareness seminars are intended to address potential or existing threats and hazards that executives or employees may face in the Philippine environment.

This seminar prepares the participants to develop a “survival mindset” in order to constantly be aware of changing events and conditions around their environment. From Threat Prevention, Intervention, to Post Event, the objective is to successfully identify threats which could be encountered in one’s daily living and workplace. It provides a point by point recognition of the potential danger signs and the preventive measures to apply in daily routine.

VIP/Executive Protection Training

security guard training vip protection training

Our Philippines Executive Protection VIP Training Program is designed to select, train and evaluate individuals and tailor teams to meet the challenges posed by urban or rural threats. This format allows the novice to learn with the experienced through interaction with instructors who are experienced authorities and practitioners in the field of Philippines executive protection VIP training; as well as Philippines security guard training.

OSI does not use template training programs. Each program module is designed to parallel the threat level and environment of the client. Whether short refresher course for security drivers and agents, or a full protection team setup, OSI has the experience to fulfill your individual or corporate protection requirements.

The following are just a few of the instructional topics taught on an academic and practical basis:

  • Philippines executive protection VIP training
  • Philippines security guard training
  • Terrorist Group Tactics
  • Route Hardening
  • The Principal
  • Tactical Communications
  • The Protective Concept
  • Advanced Firearms
  • Working The Principle
  • Surveillance / Counter Surveillance
  • Protective Agents
  • Command Post Operations
  • Transportation Security
  • Agency Liaison & Coordination
  • Advance Preparations

Intellectual Property Rights

OSI has investigated several thousand IPR infringers and successfully raided over 2,500 illicit manufacturers and major importer/distributors, Philippine-wide, since 1992. And their success rate hovers at just under 98% over the last 22 years, a significant accomplishment in an industry known for significant corruption.


Commercial Investigations

While OSI's three senior managers have many years of investigative experience throughout Europe, the Americas and other areas within S.E. Asia, they have over 70+ years of such experience and investigative contacts throughout the Philippines. And, they have established a proven and successful track record as reflected by their client list outlined on the client page of this website.


Security Risk Management

OSI's Security Risk Management division supports the protection initiatives of major international and local corporations doing business throughout the Philippines. In-country operational regions include the major high risk areas in Mindanao, where current activities include performing in-depth security and political risk assessments, security program audits, VIP protection operations, and counter insurgency collections.


About Us

OSI Philippines was formed in 2001 by Jeff Williams, who is Board Certified in Security Management by the American Society for Industrial Security International.

Mr. Williams has over 40 years of combined worldwide investigative and security consulting experience, with over 25 years working Philippine-wide as a Special Agent and Counterintelligence Officer with the USAF Office of Special Investigations (OSI), U.S. Embassy, Manila; and then as the Country Manager for Pinkerton Consulting Services, Philippines.