The Philippines Daily Inquirer  6th March 2006

Sex boosters seized

Agents of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) seized last Friday several boxes of medication that supposedly revved up one’s sex life in a mall in Manila.

These sex enhancers are not registered at the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) and cold cause heart attacks and other complications when taken.NBI National Capital Region (NCR) Chief Ruel Lasala said.

NBI NCR Agents seized at least three boxes containing P50,000.00 worth of sex enhancers, slimming and anti-allergy capsules from three stalls on Good Earth Plaza on Rizal Avenue Manila.

NBI NCR Agent Rey Tabbu said, sex enhancers such as cialis, Shuntong, Androsole, Choco Ball, Viager, Sex Drop, Black Leopard, Black Diety, India Spray and sixty Minutes were confiscated from the stores during the operation.

Tabbu said the store owners sold the products at P50 to P500 each. Charges for violation of BFAD laws and special laws on counterfeit drugs will be filed against store proprietors Amy Chong, Eric Chan, Nita Chan and Dara Ho, the NBI agent said.

Margaux C. Ortiz