Private investigators Philippines are sworn law enforcement officers or licensed private investigators that use multitude of varied investigative methods, plus established standard operating procedures (SOPs), combined with specialized training in order to search for and locate people who are missing or have disappeared. They can also deal with a range of other cases apart from typical missing person investigations. These include runaway children, possible or actual victims of abduction or violent crimes, as well as people with physical or mental disabilities who’ve become lost.

Yearly, thousands of people are reported as missing across the globe, and the Philippines is certainly no exception. The problem with such cases is that the local police usually don’t act right away. Police-led searches are often limited by how narrow the term “missing persons” is defined. Add to that, they have thousands of on-going cases perceived to have a higher level of importance to the judiciary.

Law enforcers, for instance, can and will only begin looking for a child that has been reported missing if he or she had been absent for a specific amount of time—sometimes up to several days. By then, it may be too late; the child could have already been taken by a child killer or a pedophile. Reduced or thinning resources also make police forces around the world reluctant to search for those who have voluntarily left home, as well as for those who have made the conscious choice to live on the streets. Police-led missing person investigations and searches also often cease after a certain period of time has elapsed, leading the investigation toward the cold case file.

While the police often times do their best with the resources available to them, many law enforcement agencies are simply not equipped to keep up with the rising number of cases presented to them.  This is why anyone who wants and needs fast and real answers should consider speaking with private detectives. Professional Philippines private investigators OSI, can help you start looking for a missing someone as soon as you suspect something wrong or become uneasy about a person’s absence. Philippine private investigators use a variety of techniques and methodologies to aid missing person investigations. These include:

  • Physical searches throughout the Philippines archipelago
  • Networking with fellow private investigators and/or recruiting or paying informants that can help in the search
  • Surveillance and videotaping to observe places missing persons are likely to be
  • Background checks to isolate likely suspects and sources of aid
  • Searching hospitals, mortuaries, and other like facilities where a victim may end up to be
  • Questioning witnesses and using other investigative techniques to catch up on leads
  • Finance records checks to determine the location of credit card purchases
  • Social media that the missing person may interact on after their disappearance

Has one of your loved ones or family members gone missing? Don’t lose hope—call  Philippines private detective for immediate assistance. We, at OSI, are only too happy to help.