Employment background investigations or background checks are a process of investigating criminal records, personnel files, financial records, etc. on an individual before hiring them.

Purpose Of Employment Background Investigations

Employers need to verify the authenticity of job seekers, especially for those positions that need high security like financial institutions, software companies, government offices, etc.

These search results are often used by employers to know about a job candidate’s past transgressions, character, fitness for the job, and so on. This also helps identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons. Background investigations are also needed for possible government employees before giving a security clearance.

Apart from this, verification of the information given in the job application or curriculum vitae is also done. A recent study showed that half of all reference checks done on prospective employees differed from what a candidate provided and what the references reported.

Background investigations are also done to identify and select the best employee from among the prospective candidates.

Background investigations are needed because employers need to make sure that their work environment is safe for all employees and also to avoid any employment-related security problems inside the organization.

Types of Background Investigations

Information needed depends on the type of employment, nature of duty and responsibility handled, the position held, etc. For example, a lower wage employee would undergo far less screening than someone applying for vacancies in executive positions with responsibilities that require security of information and so on.

Based on the need of the position in question, employers determine the kind of searches to include in background investigations.

● Academic verifications
● Character reference check
● Gaps in employment history
● Gaps in educational history
● Identity and address verification


Pre-Employment Checks

Employers may investigate past employment to verify a prospective employee’s previous work experience, capability, the positions held and even salary information. This process is usually done in-house.

A more intensive inspection may involve interviewing a candidate’s friends, ex-colleagues, neighbors, family members.

Today, such past employment and personal reference inquiries are getting standardized to avoid unnecessary and expensive litigation.

Market for Background Investigation

Interestingly, larger companies usually outsource background checking services rather than doing these in-house, the financial sector being the highest. The real estate industry has the lowest level of outsourcing.

Some investigation agencies wanting information in the Philippines for criminal records checks just to get electronic data from some larger search firms, usually without any authenticity. For example, a shallow grade of background check in the Philippines could be done at a throwaway price, but it might only consist of “ghost written” negative results, without conducting any Philippine background checks at all.

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