We post an article about a recent raid conducted by the NBI in Valenzuela City, which resulted in a big seizure of counterfeit Lee products. Our investigative efforts on behalf of the client has resulted in this successful raid.

Agents of the National Bureau of Investigation-Intellectual Property Rights Division (“NBI-IPRD”) seized 975 counterfeit Lee® and Lee Pipes® t-shirts worth approximately 850,000.00 pesos (based on the average cost of the genuine product), during a raid in Valenzuela City, on January 17, 2017.

The NBI-IPRD agents raided the factory of Ken-Ken Garments and/or Pou Li located at an Unnumbered Structure, T. Santiago Street, Canumay West, Valenzuela City. Seized from the factory were 975 counterfeit Lee® and Lee Pipes® t-shirts and one (1) cutting machine.

The NBI agents put the establishment under surveillance and conducted test buys to confirm the evidence gathered through Orion Support Incorporated (OSI), a market research firm representing the Intellectual Property Rights of H.D. Lee Company. OSI and NBI simultaneously conducted several investigative activities to determine Subject’s activities.

Our investigative efforts on behalf of HD Lee Company resulted in a raid of this factory.

Photo shows the interior of the factory that was raided by the NBI in Valenzuela, recently.

BCCS Law Offices, representing H.D. Lee Company, filed a complaint that Ken-Ken Garments and/or Pou Li was engaged in the manufacture, distribution and sale of counterfeit Lee® t-shirts. Judge Rainelda H. Estacio Montesa of Manila Regional Trial Court, Branch 46, granted and issued Search Warrant No. 17-26990 for Violation of Sec. 155 (Trademark Infringement) in relation to Sec. 170 of R.A. 8293 (Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines).

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