Internet Dating Investigation Finding a spouse through an online dating or penpal website in the Philippines is becoming more common. Thanks to the initial anonymity of the ‘Internet’, people find it easier to break barriers and reveal their feelings. In fact in the USA, research has revealed that 40 million Americans use online dating websites. But the truth is online dating sites can be fraudulent in the Philippines and elsewhere.

Not surprisingly, some of the new profiles found on these sites are completely fake, with many portraying themselves to be someone they are not. They lie about their age, marital status, income, and appearance. There is quite a lot of counterfeit stuff happening within these sites, so before you get all serious, it is pretty wise to engage a private investigator in the Philippines who will reveal the other person’s true identity. This will ensure the person you meet is sincere and “real” and help you avoid getting swept up in any fraud or criminal activity. Fake dates have practiced the art of conning to a tee. And so they will befriend you, email you and chat with you for weeks before asking for anything from you, usually money for some contrived family situation. You come to trust them by which time it may be too late for you to realize you should be looking for a private detective service to make this right, OSI.

Beware of these Internet dating scams

The Basic Scam

Here the con artist, after weeks of interaction, tries to swindle his/her prey with a demand for money. So sincere does his/her demand appear that the victim falls easily into the trap. This gets suspicious when more hardships keep arising and the victim is asked to send more money. After the money is sent, the con artist cuts all contact.

The Money Laundering Swindle

A fairly common scheme, your new interest will be out of town and you will be asked to cash checks or sell stolen objects like laptop and cellphones in their absence. By agreeing to do this on your behalf you will be an unknown participant of a criminal activity by cashing phony checks.

Internet Scandal

After an online relationship has matured to a certain level, the scammer will casually direct the conversations to a more intimate level. Soon, photos are exchanged, conversations are recorded, and the explicit material is posted on public sites. To have it removed, you must pay him/her the money he/she is demanding. It is time to call in a Philippine intelligence agency OSI.

Catfish Scam

A term that has its roots in a heartbroken filmmaker’s movie, a catfish scam is when someone uses fake online profiles to appeal to their victims romantically. They may use fictitious names and photos to lure people in, sometimes for no reason other than to have a relationship. Perhaps you are already in an established relationship; it could be a relatively new, long-term, or even a “long lost love” you are hoping to find, but something about the relationship leaves you feeling unsettled. If it becomes an issue that you need resolved, it would be beneficial to speak with an impartial yet knowledgeable expert.

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