Are you one of those in dire need of assistance in searching for a loved one who has gone missing? It has been a harrowing experience so far, and before you decide to throw in the towel, suggest you call on the service of an expert private detective service in the Philippines like Orion Support Incorporated. We conduct investigations into missing persons…those who are missing involuntary, and voluntarily as well. We have a wide canvas of experience in both these areas and a success rate we can swear by.

Startling statistics
The number of people going missing every year in the Philippines is startling. A figure of 35,000 persons to be precise which translates to one person disappearing every 15 minutes or at a rate of 1.7 people per 1,000 Filipinos. Of these disappearing humans some status’ are ascribed to an involuntary disappearance and others to a voluntary disappearance.

When it is that person can be deemed to be missing?
When he or she disappeared or is in hiding, whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed or location or whereabouts are obscure or unknown. A disturbed mental health, threatened relationships with family or friends, financial troubles, trouble with the law, can cause people to go missing voluntarily and take on a new identity. Involuntarily disappearance may be on account of abduction for forced prostitution, murder, etc., Alzheimer’s, and an accident away from home.

Police may not act fast enough
A private detective search has some advantages over the police search. For one their search is limited by the term “missing persons.” Secondly, the police have heaps of missing cases waiting in pending which they act on depending on their perceived notion of urgency so they may work on your matter right away. As it is they are often short staffed. By the time they decide to deal with your case, it may be too late. And if the case cannot be solved in a certain period, it’s a full stop to the missing case with a cold case filing.
A private detective service like us is fast and furious on your case. Results are chased. We are licenced and use multiple investigative methods, established standard operating procedures (SOPs), fueled by our specialized training to search for and locate missing people. Our various techniques and methodologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Background checks to isolate likely suspects and sources of aid
  • Questioning witnesses, using other investigative techniques to develop leads
  • Tracing credit/debit card purchases
  • Social media tracking
  • Searching numerous and varied govt. agencies for leads as to their whereabouts.
  • Searching hospitals, mortuaries etc. where a victim may land up
  • Networking with peer investigation firms
  • Engaging informants if need be
  • Surveillance /videotaping at likely places where a missing individual could visit

We find “missing people” by all means
We are proud to state that we have found every missing person we have been asked to locate and in thirty days, except in two exceptional cases.In those two instances, it took several months as in both cases the person was dying of cancer and confined to bed, thus not moving for months.Contact OSI to put the puzzle all together.