You may not be aware but studies have shown that a typical organization can lose up to 10% of its annual revenue due to fraud and the resulting litigation. The value of private investigators has never been clearer. In an age where access to important and confidential data could be as easy as a few mouse clicks, it is all the more crucial for organizations to hire private detectives to keep a tab on any kind of suspicious behavior or transactions within the company. A single lapse in judgment could be detrimental to your firm in more ways than one.

Here are a few reasons why you need to hire private investigators to protect against fraud:

Prevent damage before it’s too late
Let’s face it, investigations should preferably not start after a crime has already been committed. After all, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Well, to ensure the safety and security of your financials and other assets, and prevent fraud, it’s necessary to have regular investigative audits conducted so that any weak points can be identified and fixed before it’s too late. Detecting a potential fraud and preventing it from happening could save your organization much in terms of money, time and lost reputation.

Be well informed at all times
The more information you have available to review, the better it is for your business. If you hire a private investigator, you could perform certain standard investigative audits such as Internet monitoring, media monitoring and brand monitoring, to ensure that practices and procedures are being followed at all business locations and sites (including branches in the Philippines). These privage investigators also ensure that they have enough information on other businesses that either partner with or work alongside your company. That way more transactions can be thoroughly monitored to ensure that you do not fall into the trap of a fraudulent scheme.

Keep your confidential information secure
Connectivity and access to corporate data has become very easy and convenient these days due to advanced technologies such as Cloud Computing and smart devices that provide anywhere, anytime access to different data. So, a private detective specializing in anti-fraud (including online scams) can help you secure your most confidential information and ensure that isn’t any fraudulent activity going on which you do not know about.

Identify vulnerabilities
The main purpose of investigative audits is to identify vulnerabilities and ensure that there aren’t any inherent weaknesses in your company’s systems, processes and procedures that anyone can take advantage of. Identifying the areas which could potentially provide those with interests inimical to your company’s with the means to conduct fraud, could be a first step towards securing your company’s systems and processes. A private investigator can provide you with a detailed report on all such loopholes so that you could take appropriate action before disaster strikes.

Having a regular investigative audit conducted could put potential fraudsters under notice to go elsewhere. Investigative audits can easily avoid larger problems and save your organization money and its reputation from permanent damage.

Philippines private investigators can help organizations of all sizes and type with thorough investigative audits to help run a smooth business and avoid fraud. For more details, why not contact us at Orion Support Inc. now?