Fraud and Asset Tracing Investigation Services Vehicles, shares of stock, bank deposits, real estate, machinery, intellectual property rights, and other similar items can be collectively referred to as ‘assets’, which refers to almost anything an individual or business owns, as long as the item can be converted into cash. Asset tracing investigations— when done thoroughly and methodically—can reveal any assets that may have been hidden away in an attempt to hide them from the rightful owner. It can be provided by a private investigator in the Philippines who is trained in following complex financial trails and confirming ownership.

Some of the assets that are commonly traced include domestic and overseas property or properties, physical goods, hidden bank accounts, software, equipment and machinery, and shares of stocks. All undeclared and declared activities can be investigated, including financial accounts. Asset tracing specialists use various methods like background checks, accounting and financial investigations, surveillance, asset searches, corporate investigative techniques, mystery shopping, and reviewing of public records, depending on the requirements or the situation of the party concerned.

Asset tracing investigations can be extremely useful in cases involving theft of assets by a business partner or an employee. By working with a seasoned private investigator in the Philippines, you can uncover any asset that has not been disclosed or shared transparently by the seller or stolen.  Their expertise and methodologies enable the discovery of hidden assets locally in the Philippines or overseas. Asset tracking can help resolve issues regarding fraud and may be necessary if you need to settle financial disagreements or litigation, or if you are faced with questionable business deals.

Fraud and asset tracing investigations can likewise be helpful when taking on a new business partner. It does not matter who this person is; even if you consider the person as a friend or “as family”, it still pays to have them investigated to ensure a seamless and successful transaction. A private investigator in the Philippines can look into your potential business partner and will tell you if they have found any hidden liabilities so you can make an informed decision. After all, your assets and reputation are at stake.

A private investigator will not only be helpful when you are dealing with assets exchanged or sold between you and another party. Asset tracing investigations are due diligence investigations that can help you get to know the business better, too, especially if you want to expand your company or if someone is up for promotion to a high-ranking position in your company. Once you know the results of the investigation, you can use the data when deciding whether to reject the deal or take it or make room for negotiations. You can validate the claims of the other party with help from a private investigator in the Philippines, too.

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