Employment background investigations are no doubt critical to the hiring process.And, due to their time-consuming and labor-intensive nature, some companies either shorten the process or completely skip it altogether. In some cases, the capability of an employer to conduct a background check in the Philippines is prevented by limited resources and access to dependable human resource staff. Lack of staffand the necessary expertise combined with varying degrees of corruption within organizations make it difficult to truthfully assess certain types of employees, as well.Thus, employers are at risk of hiring individuals who are unqualified or have suspicious and/or shady backgrounds.

Do you want to save your company from such a dilemma? Here is a short guide to conducting background checks.

● Determine what needs to be checked. Pre-employment screenings should typically cover criminal records and credit reports. Educational backgrounds, previous and current addresses, and the identity of a person must also be verified. Searches may include verification of credentials, reference checks, and drug test results. In some cases, bank records and lifestyle checks may also be conducted, too.

● Understaffed? Outsource the process. Small organizations that lack the manpower or resources to handle their own background checks have the option to hire reputable private investigators and security risk management specialists. This makes it easier (and in many ways cheaper) to run a background check in the Philippines.

Employment background investigations require the expertise of individuals who understand your organization’s needs and the kind of people you are looking to hire. Be sure to hire people who have at least five years of proven investigative experience and dedication to what they do. Be sure to verify their backgrounds, experience, and who they have worked with, and learn about their capabilities.

● Background checks should be done using modern and traditional methods. Specialist investigative companies combine both electronic and traditional means to conduct employment background investigations. This way, they can obtain as much information as possible and effectively cross-check records.

Save time and also assure the accuracy and thoroughness of the process by leaving employment background checks to the pros, Even if you feel you have enough manpower in your organization, your staff could have a lot of other things to work on where they could be more productive. The service of a private investigator or a security risk management firm can be very beneficial to you. Just make sure they are trustworthy and are a member of a worldwide investigative association. Orion Support Inc. (OSI) should be your go to organization for background checks in the Philippines.

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