Due diligence is essentially a thorough investigation of a company or its Principals, with a certain duty of care. It should be accomplished when a potential buyer wants to be certain that he is aware of all aspects of the potential acquisition of the targeted company.  This type of investigation significantly contributes towards informed decision-making and ensures that the decision makers have accurate information regarding a cost/benefits ratio, as well as the risks involved.  In short, these investigations are done to verify the accuracy of stated information before entering into a business contract.

Why are due diligence investigations conducted?

Due diligence investigations are imperative for companies that are involved in IPO’s, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnership deals and other business scenarios. These investigations give you a glimpse into the past of the target company and help you understand the legitimacy of the deal you are getting into. But the most important part is that you reduce the risk of getting taken advantage of financially by the opposing party. Overall, it’s simply good business practice.

What are the risks of not conducting such investigations?

By failing to conduct a due diligence investigations or by ignoring them, you invite possible problems, risks and even financial disaster. The company or partner that you are entering into a contract with could be attempting to defraud you. Finding out after a contract is signed, can result financial ruin for you. This may also cost you the loss of your reputation. With effective due diligence investigations and background checks, you can avoid such situations and be absolutely certain that you are getting the right business deal with the right people.

What does proper due diligence identify?

It is possible to identify illegal or improper activities and any history of litigation against the target business or party. You can also identify any improper regulatory issues in the deal. The sources that are investigated include, but are not limited to government agency records, corporate filings, records within the department of justice, company and Principal reputations within the business community, and other hidden history that the target company may not be revealing. 

It’s the key to safe business

While your goal is to strike lucrative deals for your firm, surprises could thwart same. Therefore, it’s important to verify and not accept all the information the opposing party may provide. Verification from third party sources is always a good idea.

Successful business people understand that minimizing the risks in a planned deal leads to long term profits for their businesses. Conducting routine checks on all the firms one intends to work with and performing due diligence before entering into business relationships with anyone is a must.

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