Philippines Emergency Response

Based upon the probability of predefined risks, proactive situation specific crisis, Emergency Response Plans can be developed to preempt and manage the consequences of threat events, which could be categorized as having catastrophic results upon occurrence.

A properly designed in-house program will enable the effective response and management of contingency operations such as evacuation planning in the event of criminal, accidental, natural or technical threats that could affect company interests.

Clients benefit from our decades of experience operating in the Philippine environment where the threat of both environmental and criminal events is prevalent. OSI will help you set up, brief and train a network of crisis co-coordinators.

 Crisis Response Team – Union Related Strike Violence

Unlike your traditional security personnel whom are predominately trained to react physically to the typical confrontational threat, OSI takes a unique proactive approach with the primary objective to “reduce and deter” the threat of violence by means of non-confrontational but strong presence to neutralizing turbulent situations in your labor-intensive industry.

This ensures a safe operating environment for non-striking employees, replacement workers, and corporate executives during facility labor strikes and other highly charged work actions.

Intellectual Property Rights

OSI has investigated several thousand IPR infringers and successfully raided over 2,500 illicit manufacturers and major importer/distributors, Philippine-wide, since 1992. And their success rate hovers at just under 98% over the last 22 years, a significant accomplishment in an industry known for significant corruption.


Commercial Investigations

While OSI's three senior managers have many years of investigative experience throughout Europe, the Americas and other areas within S.E. Asia, they have over 70+ years of such experience and investigative contacts throughout the Philippines. And, they have established a proven and successful track record as reflected by their client list outlined on the client page of this website.


Security Risk Management

OSI's Security Risk Management division supports the protection initiatives of major international and local corporations doing business throughout the Philippines. In-country operational regions include the major high risk areas in Mindanao, where current activities include performing in-depth security and political risk assessments, security program audits, VIP protection operations, and counter insurgency collections.


About Us

OSI Philippines was formed in 2001 by Jeff Williams, who is Board Certified in Security Management by the American Society for Industrial Security International.

Mr. Williams has over 40 years of combined worldwide investigative and security consulting experience, with over 25 years working Philippine-wide as a Special Agent and Counterintelligence Officer with the USAF Office of Special Investigations (OSI), U.S. Embassy, Manila; and then as the Country Manager for Pinkerton Consulting Services, Philippines.