Philippines Missing Person Investigations

Philippines Missing Person Investigations

A missing person is someone who has disappeared or hiding, whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed. That individual’s location or whereabouts are obscure or unknown.

Thousands of people go missing worldwide every year and the Philippines is no exception. It is estimated that around 35,000 persons are reported missing each year in the Philippines. This equates to one person disappearing every 15 minutes or a rate of 1.7 people per 1,000 Filipinos.

Broadly, there are two categories of people go missing. Those who do not want to be found and go missing voluntarily,and those missing involuntarily who have possibly met with negative actions.

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Individuals voluntarily missing

Adults or teens often disappear due to disturbed mental health or threatened relationships with family or friends, or even encounter financial trouble. A person may go missing for a self-imposed exile away from his/her familiar environment or may leave home to live somewhere else under a new identity for whatever reason.

Teens can voluntarily disappear to escape domestic abuse by parents/guardians, to pursue dreams or plans not approved by the family or to live with / marry someone not approved by parents, guardians or society.

Joining a cult or any religious organization that requires ‘no outside world contact’ also causes to a person to disappear voluntarily.

Committing suicide, after moving away to an unknown location even under an assumed name to spare family members, also comes under this category.

A person can go missing to avoid discovery of a crime or apprehension by law-enforcement authorities.

Involuntary disappearance

This may occur due to abduction (for ransom, slavery, forced prostitution, murder with body destroyed /hidden). Inability to self-identify or remember home/family details or accidental death far from home without identification can cause involuntary disappearance.

Police help…limitations

Police-led searches are often limited by the narrow definition of the term “missing persons”. They tend to not act right away. And, by the time they do act, this might be too late. As well, they need to attend to hundreds of other cases according to the perceived level of importance. Reduced or insufficient resources can alsocripplethe effectiveness of police forces. Often, if a result is not achieved over a period of time, they stop the missing person investigation resulting in cold case filing.

Why get missing person investigations services?

For missing person investigations, professional private detective services firms can help where the police may stumble. Consider that really, only a professional private detective services can bring results fast.

Professionals in the Philippines: OSI to help you

Private investigators in the Philippines, such as OSI, are licensed and use various investigative methods, established standard operating procedures (SOPs), combined with specialized training to search for and locate missing people.

At OSI, our services in this area cover runaway children, possible or actual victims of abduction or violent crimes, as well as people with physical or mental disabilities who have disappeared, and more.

Our Investigation Processes and Techniques

Our various techniques and methodologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Background checks to isolate likely suspects and sources of aid

  • Questioning witnesses, using other investigative techniques to develop leads

  • Tracing credit/debit card purchases

  • Social media tracking

  • Searching numerous and varied govt. agencies for leads as to their whereabouts.

  • Searching hospitals, mortuaries etc where a victim may land up

  • Networking with peer investigation firms

  • Engaging informants if need be

  • Surveillance /videotaping at likely places where a missing individual could possibly visit

If you are searching for someone that has gone missing, contact OSI immediately!

Do not lose hope…as OSI has located every missing person we have ever been undertaken to locate and in thirty days, except two. In those two instances, it took several months as in both cased, the person was dying of cancer and confined to bed, thus not moving for months.

We, at OSI, are here to help

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