Philippines Asset Tracing Investigations

Assets are anything owned by a business or an individual like shares of stock, vehicles, real estate, bank deposits, intellectual property rights, machinery, other company assets, cash, etc. Anything that is, or can be converted into cash is considered as an asset.

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Why Asset Tracing is important

Asset tracing is a comprehensive analysis of either an individual or a business to establish the credibility and full content of assets included in a legal transaction.

Often, fraudulent deals or transaction happen in business where actual finances or physical property are concealed at the time of transaction. Other than this, assets may get stolen from a company by a high-ranking employee or a business partner.

With the help of Philippines fraud investigative specialists like those at OSI, any asset that has not been transparently shared with the purchaser during a deal, or stolen, can be uncovered using legitimate means. Even if something is covered or hidden overseas by businesses or people, it can be uncovered.

Asset tracing is needed when settling financial disagreements, litigation or handling questionable business deals. It is also very important for mergers and acquisitions and must be done before such transactions. Because it reveals hidden liabilities of a potential partner.

If you are in a business that wants to expand, or and individual intending to take up a high-ranking position, due diligence investigations give you a complete picture of a company. Depending on the results, you can then justify taking up the deal or rejecting it, negotiating it to improve your position. You also ensure that all claims made by the other party are validated and can take an informed decision.

Most common assets that need tracing…

These cover property both within the firm’s country of residence, or overseas. These also include physical goods, shares of stocks owned by an individual or the firm, hidden bank accounts, as well as such assets that may include machinery and equipment, software and so on.

All declared and undeclared activities within the country or abroad are investigated and included in the tracking of financial accounts.

Everything, no matter how smartly concealed, whether related to any individual or a firm can be revealed through Philippines fraud investigations using various procedures.

How are Asset Tracing Investigations done at OSI?

Depending on situations and requirements our Philippines asset tracing investigations at OSI use various methodologies. We use forensic accounting investigation, background checking, surveillance, mystery shopping, asset searches, financial investigations, and other corporate investigative methods to find out how a targeted company functions.

Often we review public records, speak with clients and customers, contact overseas offices and so on to ascertain the legitimacy and potential of a company.

In fact, after discussing and understanding your needs, we determine which methods your particular investigation case requires. All investigations are conducted legally with a genuine outcome. We at OSI are reliable, fast and accurate with years of experience behind us.

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