If you are looking for due diligence or asset tracing investigations in the Philippines, Orion Support Inc. (OSI) can help you secure favorable business deals.


Asset tracing is done by conducting government records checks and financial investigations, following the movement of such assets in order to determine their location for future garnishment or recovery. These kinds of investigations help to uncover corrupt and/or fraudulent practices, and recover ill-gotten wealth. They help to prove that a crime has been committed by providing required and valuable evidence of same.

What are traceable assets?
Essentially, assets are anything owned by a business or an individual. They may include, but are not limited to, shares of stock, vehicles, real estate, bank deposits, intellectual property rights, machinery, other company assets, cash, etc. Basically, anything that is or can be converted into cash is considered as an asset. This covers the identification of the property that any client would like to recover via legal means.

How can asset tracing help you?
Asset tracing can help you find hidden finances or physical property that may have been fraudulently concealed in a business transaction; or, stolen from a company or private individual. Any assets that are not transparently shared in a deal can be uncovered by using legitimate means – even those that have been extremely well-hidden overseas by businesses or individuals.

Often this kind of information is required to settle financial disagreements or questionable business deals like mergers and acquisitions – especially if the buying party suspects the target company of hiding financial information or physical assets. These investigations are conducted in a genuine and legally acceptable manner.

What are the most common assets that may require these kinds of investigations?
Some of the most common assets include property within the client’s country of residence, or overseas, including shares of stock owned by an individual or the firm in question and hidden bank accounts. If it is a business that is being investigated, all the assets including machinery and equipment can be traced, as well as software and electronic equipment. All declared and undeclared activities within the country concerned or overseas will be investigated. Tracing financial accounts may also be considered in an asset tracing investigation.

So, even if an individual or a firm may expertly conceal their assets, there are various methods of tracking and investigation that can help unveil them in short order. With the use of sophisticated techniques, tracking down global assets is also achievable. It is therefore important that you perform a thorough due diligence investigation before you get into any risky deals that might expose you to possible financial losses. Ascertaining the true extent of a potential acquisition’s assets may allow you to get a fair deal. And, if any are hidden or stolen, they can be traced.

It’s important to remember that conducting a due diligence investigation before you agree to any kind of financial arrangement where you may have some doubt as to who you are really dealing with is a must. This ensures that you have all the information at hand and can make informed decisions before business deals are completed. It also gives you a fair idea about whether the arrangement in question is worth pursuing or not.

In the Philippines, for due diligence and asset tracing investigations, you can contact Orion Support Incorporated, and we can run a thorough investigation; or, help you to recover financial and physical assets.