5 Questions To Ask A Private Detective in the Philippines Before Hiring

March 15, 2017

Before you hit the search button on your laptop or tablet to find a private detective service in the Philippines, it’s important to keep in mind a few things.

Top of mind in your search to hire a private investigative agency should be to find out if the firm meets the following criteria

  • Licensed
  • Experienced
  • Clean Record
  • Good Character
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Prompt
  • Honest
  • Professional knowledge needed to conduct investigations in Southeast Asia
  • Highly professional staff
Taking time to consider certain points contained here will help you find the right Philippines private detective.
Before going to the internet for search for a private detective in the Philippines, there are a number of points to consider.

Beautiful but risky

We all know that the Philippines is a beautiful and scenic country, but unfortunately, this beauty is often disturbed by the presence of undesirable elements which is an outcome of the poverty that’s prevalent in the country. Poverty often leads to desperation and desperate acts which are why frauds and scams are not uncommon. The private investigation business is also the victim of this malaise which makes it critical to be sure that the private investigator you choose for your sensitive search will be genuine and capable of solving your contentious issue.

More often than not, your search for a private investigator will begin with a search on the Internet. The Internet by its very character can be risky and invite impostors. But, at the end of the day, let your mind win over any such deceivers so that your goals are met as smoothly as silk, and you don’t get messed up in a hire and fire situation.

Here are top 5 questions to ask a private detective agency before hiring his services after you have made the initial contact:

What about your references?

After you browse through a number private detective services and are semi comfortable about approaching one online, after you have ascertained that it has a secure contact page, be clever and poke further to inquire if he has a direct number and, a couple of references he can give for you to check out his credibility.

How much will you cost?

If you discover that the fees are cheap, do not get carried away. When Philippines’ private detective services come cheap, it will most likely mirror the level of service you will have to bear with. As unemployment is rampant in the Philippines, locals often take up this line and provide amateurish service despite, all their rosy promises. A genuine firm may be more costly but will deliver results.

How does one pay you?

If the answer to this question is: “by Pen pay or Western Union only”, chuck the firm out of your list of potential hires. In the Philippines private detective services often wear the veil of fraud and deceit and you will end up spending your money on a non-entity.

Can I see some of your surveillance reports?

A surveillance report will indicate the genuineness and expertise of the potential hire. In any professional investigation, a surveillance report should have a time date stamp. If the firm you are interviewing says it won’t be a position to provide you this service, it would mean that it is a slapdash firm. Foreigners are good targets for these fraudsters, so they need to be extra careful.

What are your areas of expertise?

You need a private investigator that is well rounded, but you don’t want someone who claims to be a jack-of-all-trades. Shortlist only those that are familiar with your case that needs to be solved. Private investigators can be hired for all types of reasons including infidelity, child custody, individual background checks, locating stolen property, investigating crimes etc. You can ask the potential hire about his experience with the specific details or factors that may make your case unique. Only when you a get a sense of confidence that they will deliver tangible results, should you go ahead and hire them.

Rather than getting swayed by cheap fees and big talk, it is worth taking time out to really understand the character of the firm you will be engaging with. As mentioned above there are questions to be asked and answers to be got before you take that step that will bring you closer to solving the conundrum that’s been haunting you.

And, remember, we at OSI are only too happy to assist you with your search for an efficient private detective agency who will charge a fair and honest price. Contact us NOW, with your requirements.

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